Performance details


The 2019 programme and performance details are below.

Opening procession

Friday 18th January, from 5 pm

Join us for an hour of strange and unusual happenings to kick off the festival. A taste of the weekend to come.

Out of body

Performance Art
Saturday 19 January at 1 pm
Sunday 20 January at 1 pm

Thought-provoking exploration of the rituals of life and death.  Concept and performance by doung Anwar Jahangeer.

7 chairs 

Street theatre
Saturday 19 January at 1.20 pm
Sunday 20 January at 1:20 pm

A simple act with 7 chairs and 7 actors who expect that something will happen. Presented by Ithubalabasha Arts.

Gerard O

Street comedian
Saturday 19 January at 1.40 pm
Sunday 20 January at 1:40 pm

Dutch street comedian, Gerard Olthaar has performed at festivals around the world. Back at Fresha for the third time , anything can happen!


Contemporary Dance
Saturday 19 January at 2 pm
Sunday 20 January at 2 pm

Sizwe Hlope presents an outstanding work exploring the ties that bind and ropes / umbilical cords / railway pathways / roots.

The goal

Street theatre
Saturday 19 January at 2.20 pm
Sunday 20 January at 2:20 pm

On the pitch and off the pitch. Women versus men – the eternal game of courtship without the usual rules.  Umlazi Arts Academy.


Street satire
Saturday 19 January at 2.40 pm
Sunday 20 January at 2:40 pm

When politicians promise rain on Fridays, no more dying, and more love for all; who can we trust? Who do we vote for?  034 Drama.


Thing about wolves

Saturday 19 January at 3 pm
Sunday 20 January at 3 pm

A delightful collaboration between puppeteers from the Handspring Puppet company and the Mahlekahlathini Mask & Puppet Players.

Cats and the curse

Saturday 19 January at 3.20 pm
Sunday 20 January at 3:20 pm

When two boys are cursed and turned into cats they have to fight to win the heart of a beautiful girl. Zamokhukhanya Productions.

Street mime

Mime artist
Saturday 19 January at 3.40 pm
Sunday 20 January at 3.40 pm

Sibo Masondo delights kids and adults alike with his gently observed comedy and perfectly timed mime.

The funeral at the beach

Physical theatre 
Saturday 19 January at 4.00 pm
Sunday 20 January at 4.00 pm

In a society where we can be killed for who we love, maybe love can be stronger than death. Unyezi Theatre Productions.

Look up 

Aerial act
Saturday 19 January at 4.40 pm
Sunday 20 January at 4.40 pm

The amazing entertainers from Innov8 gym wow us way up above the ground.

Sundowner showcases – live music

Join us for live music on the Bay of Plenty lawns to dance and watch the sun go down.

Saturday 19 January at 5pm

The South Jersey Pompoms 

Sassy & sharp, slightly Burlesque & joyously off-kilter; these happy rebels  bring you their catchy tunes performed in German, French,  Italian, English & Spanglish.

Sunday 20 January at 5 pm

Zulu Blue and Le Canta Rose

An awesome collaboration between a wonderful Afro-blues outfit and an opera quartet. Think Busi Mhlongo with a touch of Puccini and a little bit of Miriam Makeba!


Saturday and Sunday from 7 am – 8 am

Join us at 7 am to salute the sun! An easy open yoga class for all ages and all levels. Bring your own yoga mat or towel to sit on.

Open dance classes

Saturday 19 January: 8 am – 9 am: DanceXercise 
Sunday 20 January: 8 am – 9 am: Zumba class

No matter how many left feet you have – join us for a fun, free class to get the year started on the right foot (or the left one).

Get involved!

Sunday 20 January and Sunday 21 January: 9 am onwards 

On Saturday join in with Mzansi Arts Development Ensemble for a workshop on creating art out of waste.  Join Gerard O for a masterclass in street performance on Sunday:  whether you are an aspiring actor, comedian or just want to entertain yourself – come and explore the mad world of this acclaimed Dutch performer for an hour.  Free of charge.  All day everyday, add your wisest bit of advice from your favourite song in our open art exhibition: Advice from Songs. Inspired by Swiss Artist Marcus Kraft and his work – PopMusicWisdom.

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