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The 2017 programme and performance details are below.

Opening procession

Friday 20th January, from 5 pm

Join us for an hour of strange and unusual happenings, and a performance of the remarkable dance piece “ Road” to kick off the festival.


Friday 20 January at 5:30 pm
Saturday 21 January at 4:30 pm

A poetic and poignant award-winning duet about navigating to where we want to be and defining the route that guides us there. The work explores the journeys we take as human beings, the meeting points we share, the experience we come across and the unity among men when challenges plague their paths.

Performed by globally recognised, award-winning duo of Oscar Buthelezi and Muzi Shili. Music Compilation by Teboho Gilbert Letele.

Note: The duo will also give a free open dance class on Saturday morning from 8 am to 9 am on the Bay of Plenty Lawns.

img_7003See Power

Performance art
Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 January at 12:30

Where the sea meets the land is the place of the stowaway. Who comes in and who leaves? Who holds the power? With a bit of perspective, what can we see? Concept and performance by doung Anwar Jahangeer.



gerard-2Gerard O

Street comedian
Saturday 21 January at 1 pm
Sunday 22 January at 1:30pm

Gerard Olthaar is an acclaimed Dutch street comedian, and has performed at festivals around the world. When comedy meets the streets, anything can happen!


Street Theatre
Saturday 21 January at 1:30 pm
Sunday 22 January at 4 pm

The dustbin is everywhere. But what goes into it and what comes out? Be prepared! Concept and performance by Thandimpilo Theatre Group.

img_7013Alive Kids

Performance art
Saturday 21 January at 2 pm
Sunday 22 January at 4:30 pm

A boy is born in a dustbin. Whatever our view of the future, there is no doubt that now is an opportunity for new beginnings. There are many reasons for hope if we have the courage to let go, and to forgive the past. Directed and choreographed by Mdu Mtshali. Performed by Njabulo Zungu and Nqubeko Ngema.


Saturday 21 January at 2:30 pm
Sunday 22 January at 1 pm

Charming and funny deaf mime artist, Sibo Masondo, takes us on a journey through a silent world. On Saturday catch “The furry glove” – a sock puppet providing perfect entertainment for kids. On Sunday he performs “Le mot”, in the classic French mime style.

110115_sm_dung-beetle_freeDung Beetle

Street theatre
Saturday 21 January at 3 pm
Sunday 22 January at 2:30 pm

The dung beetle has incredibly strong legs and spends its life pushing around piles of dung … what happens when it gets super-sized? Concept and performance by Mzansi Theatre Projects Advancement.


Slapstick street theatre
Saturday 21 January at 3:30 pm
Sunday 22 January at 3 pm

A strange family comes into town – laden down with bags. What is in the bags and how will they get out from under the load they are carrying? Concept and performance by Nansimpumelelo Arts Initiative.


Physical Theatre/Dance
Saturday 21 January at 4 pm
Sunday 22 January at 2pm

A short series of pieces on the promenade that shows the a young woman’s journey from England to South Africa, by boat, after the second world war, and her attempt to lay down roots in an unfamiliar land. Created by the Rickshaw Collective/ Shelby strange: Performed by Thobile Maphanga and Shelby strange.

hit-and-run-3Hit and Run

Saturday 21 January at 5 pm (Sundowner showcase)
Sunday 22 January at 3:30 pm (short pop-up show)

Introducing Lady G. Your life will never be the same again. “Please come in: desires for free and all you can fantasize about! If you get frightened, there is always reality to get back to. I give you a virgin world, come and mess it up with me!’ Directed by Isil Vos and performed by Willemijn Haasken (The Netherlands)

Note: For the Saturday Sundowner Showcase performance – ages 13 and up. The short pop-up show on Sunday afternoon is suitable for all ages.


Physical Theatre
Sunday 22 January at 5 pm (Sundowner showcase)

Award winning physical theatre duo, TQ Zondi and Mpilo Nzimande take on Andrew Buckland’s delightful work “Feedback” – with a new twist. Directed by Peter Mitchell.


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